It Has Begun

My first week back in school is finished.  I could write at length about what it is like to return to college classes, but I can save that for another time.  For now, I think my experience so far can be boiled down to one conversation I had in my Calculus class.

Ryan: “I have not taken a calc class in eleven years.”

Guy with diamondish ear rings and backward Yankees hat: “Yeah, I haven’t taken a calc class in five months…”


Spending Ourselves Rich

Groupons.  Most of us have heard of them.  A few of us even buy them.  Before my wife and I were married, we bought a groupon that seemed like a fantastic deal that we would certainly use at some point in our lives (before its August 2011 expiration date).

It was for Lytton’s Furniture in Park City.  For a mere $50, we were going to get $175 worth of merchandise.  We both purchased one.  That was about a year ago.  Recently, we remembered the expiration date was approaching, and while we had little need of any particular furniture, we could not let this great deal slip away.  So off we went to this store we had never seen.

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