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The 29 Year Old Freshman

I am going back to school.  In 11 days.  What was an idea for the past few months has quickly become my reality.  If you had asked me two years ago whether I would go back to school or not, I would have given you a vehement answer in the negative, but here I am.  No longer only me.  I have two others.

I dragged my feet a little bit and had valid reasons for doing so, but now I am on board and jumping head first into Calculus I.  It is only one class, though it is where I start.  My plan is to pursue mechanical engineering at Wichita State University.  Maybe throw in a chemistry minor while I am at it.  Working full time and loving my little family will necessitate taking it slow with the classes (maybe 12-15 hours a year), but it will be worth it.

Excitement is not something I have associated with school in the past, but I am excited.  It will be a challenge, but I am ready.

I just purchased my calculator.


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