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Indirect Communication

My wife and I recently became my wife, daughter, and I.  We have had to adapt to this new reality.  Leaving the house is more of an ordeal (though not too terrible).  Eating dinner at the same time requires good planning and some luck.  I get the camera out for pictures more than I did before baby.  All these were expected, but there is one new aspect that was not.  My wife and I now speak through our baby.

“Hey Mena, does mommy want a cup of coffee?”

“Yes she does.  Say thank you, daddy.”


“Oh, Philomena, is your daddy going to change your diaper?”

“After mommy is done feeding you.”


“Little one, what movie should we watch tonight?”

“Tell mommy that there is a big football game on tonight that daddy wants to watch.”


Okay.  We all know that last one never happened.  Here is a cute baby picture.


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I am a husband and father. My life is very blessed. I seek out what is true and beautiful. I try not to get too distracted.

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