Not An Octopus Garden

I have always appreciated a nice lawn and been impressed by friends who grow their own produce.  During my single days, neither of these two activities were high on my priority list, but there is something about being a married man that compels me to go beyond the minimal requirements of outdoor maintenance.

My current lawn is not nice, nor will it ever be.  This is for two reasons.  First, I am a renter.  Second, the lawn (along with 90% of the lawns in the neighborhood) are pretty crummy to begin.  I have tried (mostly) to make sure that my yard is mowed to a reasonable length, but I have had a couple clunkers for lawn mowers.  My last one got the job done, but it sounded so sad as it went.  The other mowers in the neighborhood probably laughed at it.  I know I did.

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Batman: How A Geek is Grown

I am a Batman fan.  For most of you reading this, that is not a revelation.  I am excited for The Dark Knight Rises next month, and so I have convinced my wife to watch all of the previous Batman movies with me, starting with Tim Burton’s Batman.  I thought it would be fun to write about the experience and to share along the way what it is about the Caped Crusader that so draws me to him.

Beware, it is about to get very nerdy.

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