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You Just Missed It

I have already documented how having a baby has changed the way my wife and I interact in a previous post.  Tonight I noticed another strange thing we do.

We have a habit of doing play by plays of baby behavior immediately after it happens.  It is not usually unique baby behavior.  It is stuff that we have both seen many times already, but for some reason, in that moment, we feel the need to describe in detail what Philomena has just done.


“Sarah, you just missed it.  Philomena was completed spaced out, noticed me looking at her, and smiled real big.  It was cute.”


“Ryan get in here!  (Ryan runs from kitchen to bedroom) She loves standing on me.  She was just belly laughing!”


“Philomena just sneeze-farted.  You should probably check her diaper.”

Because just text is boring.


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I am a husband and father. My life is very blessed. I seek out what is true and beautiful. I try not to get too distracted.

4 responses to “You Just Missed It

  1. Elizabeth

    This entire post was just so you could let us know your daughter sneeze-farts, right?

  2. Who was the last quote from? I am going to guess…you?

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