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Not An Octopus Garden

I have always appreciated a nice lawn and been impressed by friends who grow their own produce.  During my single days, neither of these two activities were high on my priority list, but there is something about being a married man that compels me to go beyond the minimal requirements of outdoor maintenance.

My current lawn is not nice, nor will it ever be.  This is for two reasons.  First, I am a renter.  Second, the lawn (along with 90% of the lawns in the neighborhood) are pretty crummy to begin.  I have tried (mostly) to make sure that my yard is mowed to a reasonable length, but I have had a couple clunkers for lawn mowers.  My last one got the job done, but it sounded so sad as it went.  The other mowers in the neighborhood probably laughed at it.  I know I did.

With this pathetic mower on its last legs, I read a blog post on the Art of Manliness praising the push reel mower.  It made me excited at the prospect of such a mower, but I was not willing to foot the bill on an untested product.  In my excitement, I told a friend about the said device, and he had already read the article and bought the mower.  It was providence (or just dumb luck).  I borrowed his and tried it out on my yard.  It worked just fine, apart from some of the longer weeds, so I was sold.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present my newest lawn care product.

You cannot see her, but Philomena is just a few feet away with a “Holy crap, that is cool, Dad” look on her face.

As excited as I am about the new mower situation, I may be more excited about our vegetable garden situation.  My wife and I tried our hands at a vegetable garden last year.  The results were dismal.  Our tomato haul was somewhere in the single digits.  The basil was good though.  Turns out it was difficult for a lot of people, so we did not fret too much and promised to try again this year.

Ah, this year.

We planted fewer tomato plants and tried a variety suggested by Sarah’s parents (Juliets).  It is looking much better than last year.

Our first ripe tomato of the summer

By the time you see this picture and read this caption, this green pepper will have already been eaten.

This rosemary survived the winter and has really added to a few of Sarah’s delicious meals.

It is not the most elaborate garden, but it is a start.  As I mentioned before, being married has helped me appreciate these things more so.  Perhaps it is a primal connection between growing a family and growing the land that surrounds it.  Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing the fruit of the work.

“Which ones are weeds again?”


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5 responses to “Not An Octopus Garden

  1. mary

    enjoy your mower. i tried to talk tim into one last spring after having problems with our (second, used, riding) mower. he kindly explained to me that it would take to mow our yard with it. i still think it would be good exercise in theory. but probably a disaster in execution. your garden looks good.

    • Well, if ever you want to give the mower a try, let me know. I honestly do not think it is any more difficult to push than a gas mower. No loudness. No gas smell or fumes.

    • Yeah, I had my doubts about this type of lawnmower, but let’s be honest, I will probably never use it, so if it motivates Ryan to keep our yard looking respectable, I am all for it.

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