Batman Begins

I remember where I was when I saw Batman Begins.  I was studying philosophy at Villanova University.  At the time, all my living expenses were provided, and I had a small personal stipend.  One day, I used that stipend to purchase a ticket to “the new Batman movie,” and thus began my modern fascination with The World’s Greatest Detective.

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Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin is a mess.  It is joyless, unnecessary, and stupid.  I saw this in the theater when it came out, and that might be the last time I saw it, until now.  It would be easy to sit here and type about everything that is wrong with this movie, though it would make for a long post, so I decided to do something different.  I went into it with the intent of finding five good things about this movie.  I knew it would be difficult, but I figured I could do it.  I sorely underestimated Joel Schumacher.

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Batman Forever

Batman Forever was the top grossing movie in 1995.  I read that on Netflix’s description, so I believe it to be true.  Unfortunately for Joel Shumacher, that is not its legacy.  Its legacy is a song.  It is a song that will get stuck in your head, burrow down deep, and not go away for days. Continue reading

Batman Returns

Batman Returns does not elicit the same sense of nostalgia for me that Batman does, so it should be easier to remain objective.  This one is again directed by Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton (Jack Frost, Herbie: Fully Loaded). One clear memory I have from 1992, regarding the movie, is one of my dad’s friends complaining about the movie’s content.  I think he wrote a letter to someone (I have no idea to whom).  Despite the controversy that mostly went over my head, I saw the movie.

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