You Just Missed It

I have already documented how having a baby has changed the way my wife and I interact in a previous post.  Tonight I noticed another strange thing we do.

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Thy Will Be Done

God’s will.  My wife and I regularly pray for it to be done.  Not that I consider it lip service, but I think most of the time His will and mine have been pretty close in proximity.  It is when they diverge that life becomes difficult.  The week before my daughter’s birth was difficult. 

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The Beauty in My Life

My wife (and I by extension) have been blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy.  She has the regular aches and pains and is not as spry, but all things considered, it has been a good experience.  She is a beautiful, pregnant lady.  However, she does not always see it.

So one Sunday, after Mass and lunch, we went about downtown to get some pictures to remember this time in our life.  I believe I captured her beauty quite well and want to share it.

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