Batman Begins

I remember where I was when I saw Batman Begins.  I was studying philosophy at Villanova University.  At the time, all my living expenses were provided, and I had a small personal stipend.  One day, I used that stipend to purchase a ticket to “the new Batman movie,” and thus began my modern fascination with The World’s Greatest Detective.

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Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin is a mess.  It is joyless, unnecessary, and stupid.  I saw this in the theater when it came out, and that might be the last time I saw it, until now.  It would be easy to sit here and type about everything that is wrong with this movie, though it would make for a long post, so I decided to do something different.  I went into it with the intent of finding five good things about this movie.  I knew it would be difficult, but I figured I could do it.  I sorely underestimated Joel Schumacher.

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